Advocare Challenge

I am embarking on the 24 day Advocare Challenge not necessarily to loose weight, fat however, that is my target.  We all know bikini season is coming up so it’s time to crack down.

Living a fairly active lifestyle, I try my hardest to stick with an exercise regime.  Although, I tend to bounce around a lot and take one, ok, ok, ok, several too many breaks.

Diet wise I try to make healthy choices.  I will rock it for weeks on end and then all of a sudden I find myself scarfing down all my most favorite, delicious treats!

I will be judging my progress mostly with measurements and how my clothes fit.  Will I weigh myself?  Absolutely, but I will not use that for a basis because I will be exercising and hope to put on some more muscle mass.

So this is my progress with the challenge…my goal is to post every other day or so-if I don’t have any readers that is fine-it’s a way for me to personally track my progress and feelings.  If you do keep reading, that’s awesome-thank you and feel free to respond to any portion!

Here we go….24 days…I can do this!